It's Move-A-Thon Week!

This is a big week for your students. This Monday marks the first day of the Lakeview Elementary PTA Move-A-Thon, where our students will be walking, running (or my personal favorite) dancing with their families. The fun continues throughout the week with a day for passing a ball, riding on wheels, and jumping! Don't forget the free play day, and definitely don't forget to post videos on Flipgrid of you taking part in the fun to share with your classmates. I heard Leo the Lion got a head start and already posted (shhhh!!!!). Use the join code "Lakeviewmoveathon" and your school email to access.

We know with the hybrid schedule starting October 21st things will be hectic. So here are a few reminders:

Thursday is also our second Yogurtland fundraiser. What better way is there to cool off after all that moving? Just let the cashier know you are there for Lakeview.

Remember to send the donation link to your family, friends, and neighbors. Posting the link on social media is a great way to spread the word. ( We also suggest asking for donations for each activity you do. There are five days of activities so a $10 donation for each raises $50.

If someone asks why our school needs your donations now, more than ever, they can go to our PTA website ( to see all the activities and technology the PTA provides. The Move-A-Thon is the biggest fundraiser of the year for our school and it funds a large portion of our programs.

Lakeview PTA is striving to make this year as normal and great as possible but we need your help. Your tax deductible donations are greatly appreciated.

We can't wait to see your crazy moves,

Your PTA Board

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