PTA Updates (Association Meeting)

In our last Association Meeting, I laid out an ambitious plan for the PTA this year based on apparent realities and obvious uncertainties, and the Association agreed and approved this direction. Your PTA board then committed to technology, transparency, and to progress. We have focused on equity and excellence for our school. We are proud of our work for our students thus far and proud to continue our work this year; which has certainly been a year of firsts. And we have had several successes on these fronts; successes only made possible by our parents’ generosity, our Lakeview Staff, and our Lakeview Administration and Teachers who have all worked tirelessly for our students.

You, our Association, for the first time, has provided afterschool programs including Chess Masters, Puzzle Adventure, Family Cooking, and Family Baking classes free of charge. And we have more fun (and educational) classes coming in the spring. Thank you to the parents who made sure their students signed up for these opportunities.

You, our Association, for the first time, provided Spirit Gear to every Lakeview student. Our PTA also provided funds to re-imagine what recess looks like due to state regulations.

Vice President Lana, for the first time, conducted an all-digital PTA Membership drive in the most trying of years. Thank you all for joining the PTA.

Vice President Elaine, for the first time, held a Move-a-Thon, that was also all digital, and provided every student a shirt and medal, while still raising $30,000 to fund PTA programming. Again, thank you parents for your generosity.

Chairpersons Tammi and Christina shepherded the PTA Reflections contest this year, and for the first time, over 30 students participated, 20 moved on to the district judging, with one student’s submission moving on to the next level.

Your PTA Board continues to be amazed by, and thankful for, the generosity of our families and community. We are working with local restaurants to schedule restaurant nights to help this hard-hit sector as well as raise funds for our school. We continue looking for opportunities that benefit our students and community.

Your PTA Board has focused on technology by launching our new website and focusing on our social media outreach and communication this year.

Social media and our website are now the best ways to stay up-to-date with PTA news. We continue to go digital with our documents and processes; somewhat successfully. We would appreciate feedback on how we can do better.

Fundraising absolutely remains a challenge for us. All our major fundraisers for the second half of the school year are effectively canceled. This means as things stand now, there will be no Carnival, no Great Wolf Lodge Duck Race, and no Quartermania; which is a budgeted loss of $17,000. The school play is canceled; a budgeted loss of about $2,000. But all is not bad. Our fundraising for the first part of the school year was on target. Some of our budgeted expenses are down. For example, Meet the Masters was canceled; for a budgeted savings of $6,000. We are assuming the district will be covering Chromebook maintenance this year; a savings of $2,000. Avid Binders were funded outside of the PTA, a savings of around $6,000. We will unfortunately not have field trips and assemblies this year; a savings of $6,000. So, budget-wise, we are doing okay, not great, and not terrible.

But, here is what we have planned. We can’t do Quartermania, but we can do Quarantine Mania!!! We can’t have a duck race, but we can have a reading race. We are working to see if these ideas are feasible. Lakeview families are creative, inventive, and motivated. I know there is someone listening today who knows how we can make these proposed events work well. What have you seen working at other schools and elsewhere? Let us know in the chat or by email. We need your help.

The purpose of PTA is not to fundraise, but to enrich. The science fair is going to happen digitally. We are working on having a spelling S-P-E-L-L-I-I-N-G spelling bee in the spring. We are working on putting together an online family Bingo Night.

We would like to have a one-night, online, family baking class. We need chairpersons to help us with this, so let us know if you will help. Finally, these are exciting ideas we would like to see turn into exciting events. We continue progressing, we continue to provide for a better future for our school, and we will continue to do everything within our power to make Lakeview a great place for our students to learn. Thank you for your continued commitment to our PTA.

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